Lake Forester Columns

This is an archive of the columns I wrote in 2008 while I was Editor-in-Chief of The Stentor, the Lake Forest College newspaper. The columns appeared in the Lake Forester, the town’s newspaper published by Pioneer Press. It was a longstanding (at least, I think it was) tradition that the editor of the school paper contributed a weekly column to the Lake Forester, a tradition I managed to fulfill every week, no matter how desperate I was for topics. Each column related to the theme of collegiate life.

Learning the facets of life

The true meaning of homecoming

Home is where the ‘Stock is

Popping the news bubble

Public transportation consternation

Far away fall thoughts

Even Gutenberg wasn’t this pressed

The Dean is my Facebook friend

Writers strike means gutter ball for college students

Lake Forest bares its acorns

Oh, the final exams outside are frightful

Making the best of uselessness

Friendships near and far

Nothing wrong with the same old New Years

The answer, my friend, is breathing in the wind

The real world, well, almost

Taking strides to lose pounds in 2008

Take that, Jack Bauer

Don’t let it snow, don’t let it snow, don’t let it snow

The circle of life… and snacks


Town and gown toleration

YouTube is everyone’s tube

Finding work is a job in itself

The mettle of honor codes

Spring dis-concertment

The writing’s on the wall… unfortunately

Walk this way

For what it’s worth

One giant leap for employee-kind

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